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Introduction of Software College of Jilin University

National Demonstration Software College of Jilin University

The National Demonstration Software College of Jilin University was jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the former State Development Planning Commission in 2001, and successfully passed the mid-term evaluation and acceptance organized by the Ministry of Education.

In 2011, it was awarded the first batch of doctoral degree in software engineering. In 2013, it was selected as the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” by the Ministry of Education. In 2015, it was the first in China to pass the China Engineering Education Software Engineering Professional Certification. In 2018, it successfully passed the second round. Professional certification.

The college has a complete undergraduate, master's and doctoral training system, with undergraduate majors in "Software Engineering", "Data Science and Big Data Technology" and "Software Engineering" master's and doctoral programs,meanwhile, the software engineering major was awarded the special specialty of Jilin Province in 2007, then was approved as the undergraduate brand of Jilin Province in 2014 and was approved as a high-level specialty of Jilin Province in 2018.

There are 1,445 undergraduate students and 317 graduate students.

The college relies on three First-level disciplines of computer science and technology, software engineering and mathematics, and 12 provincial and ministerial key laboratories or engineering centers to share various educational resources of the Computer Scienceand Technology College and Mathematics College.

The college has 10,000 square meters of office and experimental rooms and modern teaching facilities with complete functions.

The basic courses and professional courses are taught by teachers with high academic level, strong engineering background and good teaching effect. There are 88 professional teachers (70 with Ph.D.), including 25 professors, 37 associate professors and 26 lecturers. Some courses are taught by famous foreign software company experts and foreign professors.

The college has established cooperative relationships with many universities and famous IT companies at home and abroad. The cooperation methods include introducing courses, hiring experts to teach, exchanging students, and jointly establishing internship practice bases inside and outside the school.

College high level teaching team achieved outstanding performance in teaching reform and curriculum construction.

And in the past 3 years, we have won 2 second prizes of national teaching achievement awards, 2 first prizes for school-level teaching achievements, 2 key education and education reform projects in Jilin Province, 14 education and teaching reform projects of Jilin University, and national quality courses. Doors, 3 national resource sharing courses, 1 Microsoft Excellent Course of the Ministry of Education, 1 IBM Excellent Course of the Ministry of Education, and 2 provincial quality courses.

In terms of student development, we emphasize the cultivation of students' professional knowledge and professional skills, emphasize the engineering nature of software development, and enable students to master the basic knowledge, basic methods and skills involved in software requirements analysis, design, testing, maintenance and project management.

On the basis of the “Excellent Engineer” training program, the College began to implement the “Honor Training Program” at 2018, and expanded the coverage of excellent courses by setting up multi-track, challenging, open honor courses and honor practice sessions. The active opening of class education resources, students choose their own learning mode and content individualized training mode according to their own development needs, and strive to achieve "teaching students according to their aptitude" and "personalized learning."

The college attaches great importance to the quality education of students, encourages students to participate in various extracurricular scientific research activities, andtargeting software engineering professional featurescarries out a series of cultural activities such as science and technology competitions, cultural and sports competitions, and innovation and entrepreneurship, andexcellently results in many discipline competitions such as ICPC/CCPC programming competition.

At present, software engineering has become one of the highest employment and average salary of Jilin University. Graduates mainly go to graduate school or work for well-known IT companies.